Photography has always been a main thread throughout my life that I use to help connect and create memories for other and myself. I have been shooting since my freshmen year in high school where I fell into it by chance and became enamored by it as a new form of communication. During college, I worked my way up to become the Photography Editor of The Towerlight, the campus newspaper, where my skills quickly improved, and photojournalism became my main concentration.

After school I traveled extensively through Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia, where my eye sharpened even more. I love to travel and occasionally I am hired for some awesome opportunities in the US and abroad. This year included jobs in Peru & Lake Tahoe!

I now consistently shoot weddings, events, and editorial work. The thing that I enjoy about weddings is that it requires you to shoot in a variety of styles and environments including, portraiture, photojournalism and product photography, so it is always challenging and yields opportunities for great images. I love capturing photos unique to each couple, and experience. My goal is to always produce stunning images that you can cherish and share, for the rest of your lives.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, look forward to hearing from you soon!